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The top 8 things you MUST do if you want your new business to make money!


Whether it’s a BnB, Serviced Apartments, Vacation Rental or a fully fledged Hotel or Motel you have in mind, there are some mission critical aspects you should know about before getting too far into your new accommodation business idea.

“At a time when rapid industry change combined with an onslaught of technology offerings has created an environment that is difficult to comprehend let alone navigate, finally there is a clear path to success”

Because it shouldn’t be this hard to grow your accommodation business in today’s connected and advanced world!
Online Expansion and Technological innovation have, in theory, made it easy to find customers and grow your business. But in reality, it’s become quite confusing and complex to compete and make money in the modern Hotel Business.

While starting an accommodation business can be very exciting, there is much to consider that can catch the aspiring hotelier off-guard. Technology adoption is a key part of your success, however, it shouldn’t lead your overarching strategy. So first, decide what sort of hotel you will be, who your customers are, what you will charge them and then, test its viability. After that you can begin looking at how you are going to manage it, promote it and sell it. We’ve identified 8 key factors that are our top MUST DO factors when starting an accommodation business. Sure there are many more things to think about, but if you don’t get these fundamentals right, you can forget it!

The Hour Of Power gives you not only a simple template to follow in your ‘getting started’ journey, but it also gives you an hour of personal 1on1 advice from an experienced consultant who’s been there and done this all before you.

Book yourself a personal 1 on 1 session with the guys from Hotel Strategy Co. as they demonstrate the ultimate Accommodation Start Up Checklist and show you exactly what you need to be doing.
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Accommodation Start-Up Checklist PDF


Q&A Session (for your direct questions)

We help motivated Hotel Managers who are confused by rapid industry change and overwhelmed by technology, create a Clear Strategy for Growth so they gain control of their business and know exactly what to do next!

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