8 Creative Ways Of Using Text Messages For Small Hotels

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With the number of text messages transmitted in the US every day amounting to over six billion, it’s evident that most users are now going the text message way, as their preferred means of communication.

This is the reason as to why the small hotels need to be using text messages for their communication, considering that up to 64% of customers positively perceive a company that uses texting for their service channels. Since they are the preferred choice of communication for most people, text messages can be used in the following ways so as to create the best customer-seller relationship:


1. Offer Exclusive Deals

The reason as to why many customers join loyalty clubs is because they need to access special promotions easily. However, offering such promotions is only the start of good relationships with your clients. The best approach to offering promotions is sending SMS offers to your customers as this makes them feel closer to you as the service provider, which is a good thing for your business.

You, however, need to ensure that your SMS offers are created uniquely so that the consumers won’t access them through any other platforms such as social media pages. In other words, something like special promotions can be accessed through platforms like social media. Try to go out of the obvious, by creating unique messages, that will lure your customers, and make them feel that you care about their wellbeing.


2. Reservation Confirmations

The best way to confirm to your clients that their reservations have been received and confirmed or not is through using text messages. Put yourself in the shoes of a client, and think of a situation whereby you are supposed to receive your confirmation through something like an email. It’s obvious that you need to have access to the internet to pull up such a message.

But what if you might not be in a position to access the internet at that time? This is why text messages are the most convenient method of confirming reservations made by your customers. Besides, you can always use an automated messaging system, with details about the reservation, so that you won’t need to undergo a back-breaking task of sending customized messages to each client.


3. Offering Tips and Advice

If you have been a visitor at a particular place, you know how much anxious someone can get, especially when you don’t know much about the place. In such a situation, small hotel owners should come to the client’s rescue, by offering all the help they may need. For example, they may need to know about the recent weather status of your place, or they may wish to know whether there will be a big event while they visit, among many other queries they may have. Serious visitors will always need to plan before their visit so that their stay will be as comfortable as possible. You should be ready to help them through text messages since such a method is highly convenient to most people.


4. Order Room Service

When under your care, you will want to ensure that your customers have the best experience, which is why their service orders should be taken seriously. When requesting a service, voice communication may not be the best method, considering the various interruptions that may occur. For example, food orders may not be received perfectly via voice communication when there is a lot of noise in the kitchen, or when some clients lack fluency while they speak. Besides, text communications help to preserve a record of what was ordered, and when that order was placed, which is a great way of avoiding mistakes and providing an excellent experience for the customer.


5. Making Checkouts

Making checkouts the least worry for your clients should perfect your services in a way you never thought would be possible. Consider situations where your guests may need to catch a flight, yet they still have to wait in line for them to check out before heading out. Rather than making the checkout process unnecessarily long for your clients, you can send them the details about the charges they have for the time they spent at your hotel. They can then confirm the charges through a text message so that the checkout process won’t take long as a result of more paperwork.


6. Polls and Feedback

When guest checkout of your hotel, you should take any comments, compliments, or any suggestions they may have. There is no need to hold them, taking up much of their time, while persuading them to fill customer feedback forms, which they might not fill accurately anyway because they want to save time and head on to the next activity. For example, there is no way a customer will risk missing a flight just to fill your forms. They will try as much as they can to quickly fill the form so that they can get out of your hotel.

Text messages should be your preferred option, since they will get the job done, even more accurately. Customers will take their time to read your text message, and reply to it since they will have much time to themselves when they are not busy. Besides, text messages are easier to store when compared to filled-out forms, which may even require disposal when they pile up to certain levels. Also, asking for customer opinions in a way that is convenient to them assures them that their views are important to you.


7. Customer Service

We all know that there are times when services may not be perfect. In such situations, you need to be ready for your customer, so that you get in touch with them whenever required. Text messages are the most convenient ways for customers to get certain queries to you so that you can help them out. In such a way, you can solve various issues in a fast manner, saving a lot of time for both the customer and yourself.


8. Welcome and Thank You messages

Do you need your clients to know that you appreciate them for choosing your facility? There is no better way than welcoming them whenever they check in and thanking them whenever they check out. Rather than printing cards or papers to convey such messages, text messages would be better and more practical. Besides, customers may choose to dispose of the card after reading the message on it, while a text message is absolutely easier to store. You will also save some cash, by not printing cards, which you are not sure will be retained by your clients.


In conclusion, text messages should be a preference for every small hotel, taking into consideration the many benefits that of using them.

Always consider using them for a perfect operation of your hotel.

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