As we begin to plan for the year ahead, finalising budgets and securing contracts, hotel marketing tends to take a back seat despite the power it can yield. The use of social media is a key component of any marketing in today’s environment and so to ensure you are all set for the year ahead we thought we’d introduce you to someone who can help.

Katie Hokin, one of our valued partners in the digital space, is extending a free hotel Social Media Masterclass for our community.  


if you want to invest in this critical channel, you can go straight to the
Social Media Course which is a deeper dive into channel performance, content
generation, measuring conversions and attracting an audience. 

Hotel Social Media Workshop


Join Katie’s Social Media Workshop for 2020

Katie has created great value across a number of our hotel clients and is passionate about helping hotels absolutely ‘own’ their online presence. Kick-start the year with a defined social strategy, rather than playing catch-up throughout the year and missing out on engagement opportunities.


Mick & Andreas

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