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Growth is never automatic, it is never guaranteed. Organisations don’t drift towards growth, they drift towards complacency, complexity, and decline.

In other words, unless you are intentionally preparing for growth, you are unintentionally preparing for decline.

If you really want to beat that hotel down the road and create a method for continually OUT-PERFORMING the market, what you’re about to read will blow your mind.

Did You Know There are 4 Key Drivers of Growth?


Ensuring that you are attending to each of the drivers equally, will underpin your ability to grow and scale your accommodation business. The starting point is to understand which of these is currently holding you back.

So often, we see hoteliers looking to technology and software automation as the be-all and end-all.
Placing their faith in a so-called ‘silver bullet’!
What we’ve come to experience is that it is never just one thing that drives your success.
It’s always lots of little things coming together.

Yes, technology is good, we agree, however it is the combination of the right technology, cohesive strategy and skilled personnel to deliver a successful execution.

So, if we are honest with ourselves, we realise that it takes hard work, intelligence, thought, adaptation, intuition, combined with good tech solutions to run a hotel.

We suggest stop looking for the silver bullet, and begin to drive the hotel strategy yourself.

hotel growth strategy

A New & Unique Way to Get Professional Skill and Strategy in your Business, without Breaking the Bank!

Being in the Hotel industry you are likely bombarded by a never ending line up of solution providers, who all have that silver bullet, promising your business will run on autopilot and produce endless profits (yeah right!).

We are the only company (that we’ve been able to find at least), that offers a guarantee on their work! Can you believe that? Everyone screaming ‘we are the answer’, no one willing to back it up!

Our promise is that by following our program, you will experience growth at a faster pace than the market, or we will work with you until you do. No one else has a wholistic solution for improving hotel performance and is promising to get the results like we are.

Most importantly, we have found a way that we can deliver this to you, that is NOT overtly expensive!

A 3 in 1 Solution

The most exciting part is that we have managed to package our entire Hotel Growth System into an intensive program that provides clear strategy, ongoing advice and effective execution.

We are not just about new hotel tech. We are not just about revenue management, we are not just about direct booking strategy, we are not just great number crunchers giving new data insights.

We sit across the entire spectrum of a hotels’ performance. No one else does this. Everyone has their area of speciality, and believe so strongly in what they do, that the advice coming to you is typically biased to that component, leaving the broader strategy in chaos, confusion and overwhelm in your daily work.

We take a helicopter view of your business performance, build a cohesive strategy, then actually help you with the successful execution.

That is what is exciting! A holistic, end to end strategy, and a mantra to execute the strategy with a ‘get it done’ attitude. Because the sooner we get it done, the sooner you stop leaving money on the table.

RevPAR Revolution™ is a business transformation program that helps you rapidly scale your accommodation business to perform better than the market using proven, frameworks, booker psychology and mathematical customer acquisition.

It is designed exactly for hoteliers that are dedicated to winning in the marketplace!


And it's Easy

Our method, finally, provides not only a clear path to growth, but the support to help busy hotel managers make it all happen!

Hotel General Managers that we know, are extremely busy people who are required to wear many hats, with constant pressure on them to not only maintain a consistent guest experience, but continually drive better and better fiscal performance.

There are so many moving parts in amongst an absolute onslaught of challenges. It’s almost an impossible juggling act that General Managers are expected to pull off.

But we see business owners constantly getting distracted…Chasing the latest shiny object.

A new PMS, a new Channel Manager, the latest Revenue Management Algorithm (aka magic formula), more data insights! What about Social Media Influencers? Should I start Remarketing? Chatbots for my website!

OMG! The list goes on!

Now, don’t get me wrong all these things are worthy pursuits at some point, but on their own, it won’t tip the scales. Technology in and of itself is not the solution here. They need to be tied to a broader strategy that is driven by, you guessed it, a human.

We proved an easy plug and play framework to provide you with the clarity you’ve been looking for, helping to connect all the dots by creating a cohesive overall strategy that helps you maximise and optimise each area of your business.

This system will actually help you find additional time in your schedule. You will see your occupancy rise along with your revenue. You will consistently beat that rival hotel and dominate the local market. They will be wondering how you’re doing it. How you are full so often? How come you win all the big accounts.

The solution was easy. You followed a step by step, simple formula that helped you put your best foot forward and stopped the leaks in your business. And you had the backing of industry professional to guide you when you needed it, hold you accountable and basically make you look good!


But Will It Work For Me?

We can promise predictable results because we have clients who have gone before you and consistently achieved 3x, 6x and even 9x the pace of the market. But even at just 2x the market pace, this means significant gains in incremental revenue for the business.

As an example, if we looked at a simplified scenario for a 50 room property which had $1 Million annual revenue which had seen 2% year on year growth from the previous year. Let’s also assume the local market was growing at a rate of say 6%. That 4% gap is effectively costing the hotel $40,000.

But we are interested in doing better than that. We don’t want to match the market we want to BEAT the market. So, let’s say the goal is to get this hotel to perform at just 2x the pace of the market, it would need to grow at 12%. In that Scenario, we would help the hotel add an additional $120,000 in real revenue.

You see, our business is built on the promise to help you achieve revenue and profit growth. Without the achievement of physical growth in revenue, our business model is shot!

(It is our results that keep us in business. You can read further down for proof of some actual client results)



Discover if we are the real deal!

Click here to see some proof…

Announcing the Exciting Release of


Our proprietary Hotel Growth Program providing all the Strategy, Skill & Support you need to Dramatically Transform the Performance of your Business

After years of iterations within our Hotel Performance Agency and constantly reviewing our products and services we have found the perfect method to deliver results for our clients.

Our Core Membership program, RevPar Revolution, is the starting point for business transformation and is the gateway to a customised experience, tailored to your specific needs.

  • Whether you want to move fast, or move slow.
  • If you want a ‘done for you’ experience or you’d rather be learning the ‘how to’.
  • Perhaps you’re a newbie and need to learn everything from the ground up
  • Or you’re a seasoned veteran and looking for more advanced growth strategies
  • If you have a specific project in mind, or if you just want someone by your side
  • No matter the size of your budget, a return on your investment will always be our goal

And with a focus on truly independent advice, you can expect dramatic increases in occupancy, revenue and profit.

The Revpar Revolution Business Transformation program is the cornerstone of engagement when you choose Hotel Strategy Co. as your performance partner.



Here’s A Brief Outline Of What You Get When You Join Us…

  • We will CALCULATE your OPPORTUNITY COST and discover how much money you’re leaving on the table by calculating the gap between current results and desired results when considering current market growth rates
  • WE CONDUCT A HOTEL HEALTH CHECK which will result in your very own customised Performance Action Plan.  It draws a baseline for where you are now and points your business in the right direction for where you’d like to be. It identifies your strengths and weaknesses, benchmarks you against the industry and provides you with tangible actions you can begin to implement immediately, to set you on the improvement journey.
  • We provide you with a DEDICATED ACCOUNT MANAGER. You will have access to your very own performance specialist to guide you through the implementation of your action plan. You have access to them to gain ongoing advice on the directions and actions you are taking, always ensuring you are using best practice principles.
  • Full access to our PROVEN HOTEL GROWTH SYSTEM – Our  9 Module Online Program with video walkthroughs, downloadable workbooks and a strategy selection tool ( we call this the Hotel Growth Gurus). Learn our growth system from the ground up and gain access to all future content also.
  • FRAMEWORKS, TOOLS and TEMPLATES: fill in the blank frameworks to help you execute your customised strategy in the areas of message clarity, direct booking websites, online visibility, OTA optimisation, guest engagement, data management and corporate sales. Use our Strategy Selection Tool to refine which strategies you will implement into your business.
  • Ongoing SUPPORT, FEEDBACK & ADVICE  We are with you all the way through our Private Community of like-minded colleagues and the team at Hotel Strategy Co. Ask questions, seek clarification, share ideas and request feedback. We are here to ensure your success.

Here are some examples of clients we’ve helped recently;

Coastal Apartments in North Queensland after 6 months we had them performing at 9x the pace of the market! In simple terms, the market was growing at 6%, and we had them growing at 50% which equated in a doubling of their accommodation revenue stream.

Or this suburban 3 Star Hotel, after 8 months were performing at 3x the market pace (21% growth at Hotel vs 7% growth for the market)

You see market growth is where it is at! It is the one sure-fire way to ensure you are capitalising on what opportunity is available in the current market.

No matter whether it is a UP economy or a DOWN economy, our Hotel Growth System puts the fundamentals in place and focusses on timeless principles that underpin growth.

Your PACE OF GROWTH is the #1 KPI you should be tracking. Occupancy, ADR, RevPAR will all take care of themselves if you ensure you are always in “Market Positive Territory

Really when you think about it, you should always be looking to exceed the pace of the market. All things being equal, even a newbie should be able to keep pace, but it doesn’t seem to work like that, does it?

hotel growth gurus
Digital Optimization

So How Does this Work?

We are in the business of making money for our accommodation owners and managers, simple as that. If we can’t make incremental gains in revenue and profit, we don’t have a viable business model. So, it is imperative that we deliver nothing but results. It underpins our success.

This core membership is based around monthly retainer that means you become a valued client of Hotel Strategy Co. The big thing you then have is ACCESS. Access to us, our intel, our advice, our feedback, our systems, our templates.

When you join us, you will realise the amazing value you are getting, but trust me the monthly investment is so low, you will be blown away and it is absolutely worth every cent!

We predict that, because of our very low Per Room / Per Month fee basis, you will want to stay with us forever!

What guarantee is there this will work for me?

We are the only company in the industry offering a guarantee!!!

We call it our Beat the Market Guarantee.

If you follow our advice and our program, and within 6 months you are not growing at a faster pace than what your market is, we will keep working with you until you do.

I’m not talking small numbers here either.

If the market is growing at say 8% and you are flat-lining at say 1%. It is our job to get you into “Market Positive Territory“, meaning above 8%.

What does that mean for your business?

Think about it, if we took you from say 1% growth to say 10% growth. That would equate to a lot. We will work that number out for you when you join. But it could easily be worth $100,000, $200,000, $500,000 or even more incremental revenue to your business!

core membership offer revpar revolution

Our Beat-The-Market GUARANTEE

When you entrust us at Hotel Strategy Co. you can invest with confidence because you’ll always be covered by our Beat-the-Market or We-Work-For-Free Guarantee.

If you follow our program advice, and within 6 months you are NOT growing FASTER than the MARKET, we will keep working with you, until you do!

In the extremely unlikely event we can’t help you achieve positive market growth within 6 months, and you are unhappy with the program, we’ll refund every cent you’ve invested with us – no questions asked.

Put us in Your Corner

It’s time to claim your spot and put Hotel Strategy Co. in your corner. You won’t find a better way to achieve the growth you are after.

Stop looking for silver bullets, and start loading your gun with the straight-shooting advice from our team of hotel performance specialists.

It just takes one easy decision to be on your way to possibly your best year in business yet.

Remember, when you join us you will…

  • Get a clear strategy and action plan to shortcut your way to growth.
  • A mechanism to ensure you are maximising your systems and technology.
  • The means to execute your strategy effectively.
  • The backup and support to get you unstuck and always keep you on track.
  • Next level advice to stretch your business and find its’ potential.

revpar-revolutionSo What Does it Cost?

We are at a critical point in our history right now. Just like you want to grow your business, we want to grow ours as well, so we are ramping up our capacity through this new program and therefore have openings for new clients.

Right now we are running with some crazy introductory offers. So, you’ll find our fees at present, provide an exceptional return on investment.

We are currently onboarding hotels and accommodation providers to join the RevPAR Revolution!!! Due to the nature of what we do, and the competitive landscape, we can only accept a limited number of properties in each location. so we encourage you to move fast.

We run on a very low Per Room / Per Month investment which tailors the solution to the size and scale of your property.  Click through using the button below to discover our latest introductory offers.

Want to Accelerate your Growth?

Add the GET-IT-DONE bolt-on...

Get it done

This is for those who want to grow fast and really wish to hit the ground running. You understand that you have a perishable stock item and that every day counts. You want more direct help and implementation directly from our team of experts.

If this sounds like you, you can add this bolt-on to your membership and begin to ‘get-it-done’ right from the start.

On top of the core membership benefits, you will also receive…

  • GROWTH BOMBS – Getting Unstuck: in this fast-paced, constantly changing industry YOU WILL GET STUCK. Growth Bombs are you call-for-help, get-out-of-jail-free card, personal 1on1 assistance explosion!  Simply, tells us your challenge and we will work to get it sorted for you. Simple as that!   You get 1x Growth Bomb to use every month you are a part of this program.
  • PERFORMANCE MONITORING – Tracking progress: At the end of every month, we will send you your updated report card to see how you are growing compared to the market.

Then choose your preferred Get-It-Done Project



Bringing alignment to your basic online visibility to make sure you can be found and booked online. No, not another SEO program, just getting the foundations right, specifically for Hotels.



We will review, redesign and optimise your technology stack. Correcting configurations, shortlisting vendors, comparing prices and then assisting you with the effective execution of the enhancements.



Your very own customised and fully built Revenue Management System. We will build it and train you how to use it so you can make smarter pricing decisions every day.



So often we see this in an absolute mess! Too many rate plans in your PMS (many not used) and an unfelxible configuration. Sound familiar? We will provide a new rate structure and help you roll it out across all platforms.



You have just seconds to get your message across as why someone should book with you instead of the competition. In the blink of an eye, you can lose. Get crystal clear with your value proposition and key points of difference and all things related.

Just in case you're still not convinced...

Even More Proof!

growth in market share since engagement

Stunning Year on Year Growth

Market Growth Graph

Doubled Revenue in first 6 months

Year on year growth in average daily rate (ADR)

Tough Times But Still Grew Rate & Occupancy

Quick Turnaround – Owner Amazed!

Market Growth Graph
62% of bookings with Zero Commission
Hotel Market

Last Chance...

If you’re not convinced by now, then I doubt you ever will be!

But at just $10 per month per room,

…really what are waiting for?

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