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"At a time when rapid industry change has haltered your Hotel growth, finally you have a clear path to success"

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Create your Growth Strategy


Create your own Growth Strategy


Rapid Build your Strategy with a Coach


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“We help motivated hoteliers grow revenue using customised advice to optimise performance in sales & marketing, online visibility, book-ability, revenue management and distribution”

Do You Struggle to Find Growth?

Rapid Pace of Change and Industry Progression
Tech on it’s own, is NOT a Strategy!
Too Many Hats to Wear
Everyone wants a piece of the action!
Because it shouldn’t be this hard to grow your accommodation business in today’s connected and advanced world!
Online Expansion and Technological innovation has, in theory, made things easy to find customers and grow your business. But in reality it’s become quite confusing and complex to compete and make money in the modern Hotel Business.

We DON'T...

build or sell technology, software or ‘silver bullets’!

We DO...

put you in control of your business growth!

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Feeling overwhelmed and confused.
“Where do I start?”
Conflicting advice from too many sources
“Who can I trust?”
Feeling busy, overloaded and not in control.
“How can I find the time?”
Feel Inadequate and under qualified as a Business Leader
“Do I have what it takes?”


Bewildered, Breaking Even, Confused & Overwhelmed


Strategic, In-Control, On a Clear Path & Knowing Exactly What to Do Next

The Hotel Strategy Co. is on a mission to help accommodation businesses find stunning year on year growth!

Would you like to be one of them?
  • Create a Clear Strategy and KNOW EXACTLY what to do next!
  • Increase your Occupancy and Raise your Revenue
  • Gain clarity of direction, feel confident and in control
Hotel Rescue follows a unique nine step framework to help operators maximise the potential of their business, in a rapidly changing environment that often leaves owners and managers confused and overwhelmed.


Clarify your Message and your Marketing


Bolster your ability to be Found & Booked Online


Build Base Demand and Grow Occupancy


Know your Numbers then Price like a Pro

We help motivated Hotel Managers who are confused by rapid industry change and overwhelmed by technology, create a Clear Strategy for Growth so they gain control of their business and know exactly what to do next!


Create your own Growth Strategy


Rapid Build your Strategy with a Coach


Work Directly With Us for Custom Advice
Accommodation Accelerator

The 80%+ Occupancy Elevator

Understand where you fit with in our unique framework for Hotel Performance. Identify the symptoms and along with it, the keys to success to move yourself from where you are now to where you'd like to be on the 80%+ Occupancy Elevator.

In the fast paced and ever changing accommodation business, finally a clear strategy for how to grow your revenue and your profits.

The Results

"We have been quite surprised by the progress that can be made in such a short time. After just 63 days we are already experiencing over 25% growth from implementing only 2 key strategies that we're recommended to us."

"The key for us was that it was a relatively low investment cost when compared to the potential upside we were looking to achieve. The program has certainly paid for itself and some, and really, we've only just begun!"

David Caruso

Managing Director, Baan Caruso

"I couldn't be happier with the results I am seeing from my engagement with the Hotel Strategy Co. My Motel has seen year on year occupancy and revenue growth every month this year. I am currently 72% up on last years revenue figures and we're only eight months into the program."

"I've been operating this motel for the past 35 years and I've seen the industry rapidly change of late, and Michael Andreas have helped me adapt and change my business so I can remain competitive"

Gail Platz

Owner Operator, Cameo Motor Inn

"We are extremely impressed with the work from Michael & Andreas at the Hotel Strategy Co. We have seen our business grow in terms of gross revenue by over 23% year on year in only our first 8 months"

"This equates to a 6 to 1 return on our investment for us. Money well spent!"

Deane Russell

Strategist, Belconnen Way Hotel & Serviced Apartments


Business: Revive Central Apartments

Success Rating: 8/10


Rate Growth


Occupancy Growth


Revenue Growth